Reformation: A Ghost Story

What makes a ghost a ghost? Is it not letting go? Is it not being able to forget? I wonder whether it’s the ghost that haunts the place, or instead whether it’s the ghost itself that’s haunted, inhabited by whatever memories or events that bind them. A manifestation of regret, of pain. I can think of nothing worse. If death isn’t the end, if all the drink in the world can’t make us forget, then what am I supposed to do? What does that make me? A mansion full of memories, each one dark and malevolent.
I am haunted by countless spirits, and I don’t just mean the ones from a bottle.

Reformation is a short Novella exploring what it means for a place to become haunted, and what causes these ghosts to remain fixed upon this earth.

Cold Highways Trilogy

Together in one volume, as it was originally intended; Cold Highways: The Complete Trilogy features all three novels: The Dead, Cities and Signs, and Aires Deep. Complete in a single 536 page volume.

It has been ten years since the accident that claimed Tristen’s life and now, trapped in a barren wasteland known only as the Plateaus, he believes he has unwillingly stumbled into the far reaches of hell. With the help of his friend Garrett and a stranger known as the Tracer, Tristen must embark on a journey to escape the prison they call death.