Hailing from the far reaches of the Auxtranet - RamEagle have travelled aons to bring their unique brand of Glam-Psyche to earth.

Inspired by early Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Gong, space rockers Hawkwind and Throbbing Gristle, Rameagle make psychedelia-influenced rock and roll for Planet Earth. They have been described as “excellent glam / psych” by Tom Cox, - Sunday Times bestselling author and former music columnist for the Guardian and the NME.

Their music is a heady mix of ethereal flute, swirling synths, languid vocals, hypnotic guitars, breakbeat drums and driving fuzz bass. Visually, they provide a fanciful, dayglow flight though the mountains, forests and fauna of the Rameagle Universe. All the while with an iconic pyramid providing a theme that links their songs and looms over their adventures.

Neon Paradise

Ghost Party