The Tuck Inn

Common Players -2021

The Tuck Inn was one of the few toured shows to appear shortly after Covid-19 and was a test to how theatre could return. Performing Outside and visiting rural communities, the show was a roller coaster of 30 dates throughout the SouthWest.

many of the audience were able to enjoy food, drink and live performance with people they hadn't seen in over a year.

Photos by Ben tallamy


Common Players -2019

Mariner was a unique project which involved the refitting of an actual lifeboat 'The Gryphon' and redesigning the vessel to be beached for performances, allowing the audience to experience the craft as a stage and theatre.

The show itself was a retelling of The Rhyme Of The Ancient Mariner and was performed as a two-hander by Ben Tallamy and David Sterne, with music and delicate theatre.

The show performed on the Jurrassic coast in coordination with ever-changing tides.

Photo by Mike Alsford

Photos by Ben Tallamy

The Life and Times of Dr Roberts

Iron Moon Arts -2019

The Life And Times of Dr Roberts was performed at Bridport Arts Centre and told the story of the local character Dr Giles Roberts a real-life resident of Bridport in the 17th century, who created 'The Poor Man's Friend' a homemade medicine to treat numerous ailments.

Dr Robert's was a practicing physician, despite his lack of legal qualifications.

In the 1970's, the original copy of the recipe for the 'Poor Man's Friend' was discovered in a sealed envelope marked 'Private'.

The ointment consists mainly of lard and beeswax, calamel, sugar of lead, salts of mercury, oxide of zinc, oxide of bismuth, venetian red, oils of rose, bergamot and lavender.

It resides in Bridport Museum.

Photos by Ben Tallamy

Jane Austen at The Pump Room

Bluebirds 2017

A one-off totally improvised two-hander about Jane Austen and her brother Richard and the later life of the writer.

The show was performed at Taunton Museum.

Photos by Ben Tallamy


Bluebirds/Storytree -2017

Nzingabeth was a show about a fictional meeting between Elizabeth I and Queen Nzinga of the Ndongo (Angola)

The show toured throughout the SouthWest, and London.

Ben Appeared in the show as well as writing and performing music for the piece.

Photos by Ben Tallamy

The Spirit Whistle

Iron Moon Arts 2016

A Chirstmas show, exclusive to the Oak Room in Tiverton, The Spirit Whistle is an adaptation of the M.R.James classic 'Whistle and I'll come to you.'

Theshow featured live music, magic, puppetry and projections.

Photos by Amy Eden

A Evening Of Exceptional Mysteries and Unparalleled Marvels

Derring Do theatre 2014

Performed at The Oak Room as a night of caberet style performances, the show played to sellout audiences.